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TRE® (tension-trauma release exercises) is a simple technique that creates a natural response for your body to remove blocks deep within your cellular level.

TRE is highly effective, therapeutic, and relaxing. TRE is being used by thousands of people around the world as an effective tool for releasing chronic traumatic stress, physical tension and emotional trauma. It is also quickly becoming a popular way to release the everyday stress, tension, and anxiety that evolves comes from the daily pressures of life.

Stress, anxiety and trauma are common events in people’s lives. We often experience stress on a daily level, either at home or at work. The body constantly responds to elevated levels of stress by contracting the muscles to get through the problem. However, we seldom recognize these contractions until we experience pain, discomfort or illness. By practicing preventative techniques like TRE, we can prevent stress and tension levels from elevating to a point of chronic illness.

TRE is based on the fundamental idea that stress, tension and trauma is both psychological and physical.

All around the world people in careers who are susceptible to trauma on a daily basis have been utilizing TRE with great results. TRE’s reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing. This practice is intended to be used as a tool for self-care and many find it easy to learn. It often has immediate effects and can be part of on-going support for mental and physical balance. TRE is helpful for all abilities and bodies. (Not recommended for pregnant women.)

Especially in certain fields of work, real life and vicarious trauma can accumulate and cause problems overtime. Many firefighters, paramedics, police, military personnel and even therapists have learned the TRE exercises and now have this tool they can use to release tension and stress which helps to maintain their resilience.

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