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Frequently Asked Questions

We are in the lovely historic neighborhood of Armory Park and our street is halfway between E. Broadway and E. 22nd Street, just east of S. 4th Ave. at 330 E 16th St. Tucson, Arizona

We do not have a central scheduler, so to make an appointment, please call the individual practitioner you would like to see. For practitioner’s contact info, click here. If you would like to contact the Caritas owner, Karen Olson, please call 520-624-2743.

Unless otherwise noted, events are held at

Caritas Center for Healing
330 E 16th St,
Tucson, AZ 85701

In addition to treatment rooms, Caritas Center for Healing includes a classroom, where classes in Egoscue, Chi Gong, breath work and weekend couples workshops are held.

The classroom can be accessed via the door on the SW corner of the building (just off the parking lot). It is marked as such and looks like this.

Most services provided by Caritas are not covered by insurance, but there are exceptions. To see if your insurance benefits include acupuncture services, for instance, please call your insurance provider. For psychotherapy services (individuals, not couples), Karen Olson accepts BC/BS insurance.

Our name comes from the Latin CARITAS, meaning altruistic love or loving-kindness. (In Greek, the word is AGAPE.) To us, the word represents the foundation of natural healing and underlies all the healing modalities we offer.

Caritas Center for Healing was founded in 2007 by Karen Olson, who had a lifelong dream of having a holistic healing center where people of many disciplines could come together in the spirit of empowering individuals on their healing journey.