Our Practitioners

Karen Olson

Karen Olson, MA, is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and founder of Caritas. She utilizes a broad variety of techniques tailored to individual clients’ needs.

She is especially passionate about counseling couples through the Imago therapy model as outlined by Dr. Harville Hendrix. A certified Imago therapist and workshop presenter, she has received advanced training in this method from Maya Kollman.

The Imago model honors the relationship between two people as a vehicle for change and deep healing. In her sessions with couples, Karen seeks to empower the “team” of the couple. Using practical techniques to help couples improve their communication and facilitate deeper understanding and compassion, Karen guides couples towards conscious love and growth, healing old wounds in the process.

In her work with individuals, Karen uses an eclectic approach, with a strong focus on the teachings of Carl Rogers and client-centered therapy. If appropriate, she utilizes EMDR therapy, a powerful and efficacious form of treatment that helps heal issues at the root source. She is trained as a level-2 EMDR therapist and is certified in this modality.

Karen’s life-long interest in natural healing was fueled by her upbringing (her mother served on the board of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR in the ’80s) and by her own health challenges. (She was hit by a truck in 1979 and sought alternative treatment to help her heal.) Perhaps following in her mother’s footsteps, Karen served on the board of Arizona Integrative Wellness Coalition (AIWC) now Arizona Wellness Alliance from 2009-2016. She is a co-founding member of this organization dedicated to supporting and educating holistic health practitioners and those that share their philosophy.

Karen’s intention is to provide a safe, supportive environment so that clients can tap into their own inner wisdom and create the change they want in their lives. She supports people in nurturing all aspects of their health–psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical–and understands that these are delicately interwoven. Part of that support includes operating Caritas and striving to offer a broad variety of complementary or adjunctive therapies, workshops, and experiences at the center.

Contact Karen: (520) 940-0486 or e-mail here.

Nanie Carrillo

Nanie Carrillo is a cornerstone of Caritas, providing services to Tucson community members here at Caritas since 2007! She provides compassionate health care using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and massage therapy.

She also offers clients acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, massage, moxa, cupping, and counseling in nutrition and exercise.

A licensed acupuncturist and certified in Swedish massage, Reiki, CranioSacral and Shiatsu, Nanie graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. She is a Diplomat in Oriental Medicine certified by the NCCAOM, a member of AAAOM and the AZSOMA.

Begin to experience the healing presence of Nanie today by contacting her at (520) 979-7078 or via her website at https://acupuncturedelsoul.com/

Dr. Enzo Sinatra

Starting in 2020, Caritas welcomed Dr. Enzo Sinatra. He is an Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Chiropractor, and Functional Medicine practitioner who comes to us with over 40 years of experience in both Eastern and Western medicine and healing modalities. Dr. Enzo is a Fellow in A4M (an organization for mostly medical doctors on anti-aging medicine); NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) which uses the body and researched food-based supplements to determine an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for healing; Fellow ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine) to help couples conceive and bring a pregnancy to full term.

He uses only gentle chiropractic techniques to adjust the body, such as Lee Activator and Rapid Release Technology. Dr. Enzo is skilled at reading standard lab results to establish the perfect road to optimal health for each individual patient.

New to Tucson from the East Coast, Dr. Enzo is a unique practitioner in that he uses multiple techniques to diagnose and treat most illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, women’s issues, immunity, stress, sinus problems/allergies, digestive issues, aging concerns, fibromyalgia, and headaches, to name a few. Dr. Enzo has multiple education and healing degrees and has taught at numerous schools and clinics, including Tri-State College of Acupuncture NYC ( now closed), and Eastern School of Acupuncture, NJ.

Dr. Enzo prides himself in being able to “help” those who have not been helped elsewhere. If you are experiencing any health issues, or “opportunities” as he likes to say, give him a call today to begin your journey towards optimal health and to fulfill your destiny to live a life of abundant health and energy that you deserve.

Contact Dr. Enzo to learn more at 520-279-0714 , email drenzo.sinatra@gmail.com, or visit his website at sinatrafamilywellness.com

Lynda Skinner

Lynda Skinner has joined Caritas Healing Center after two decades of private practice. She has been licensed and certified in several healing modalities and incorporates Somatic Experiencing™ and Narrative Therapy into all sessions. Lynda attended Han University for Oriental Medicine. This provided an opportunity to bridge western and eastern theories, respectively. Lynda takes a meta-disciplinary approach to her work with clients. She is a trauma-informed shamanic practitioner, human development leader, and integral therapist who integrates indigenous healing traditions, psycho-somatic techniques, shadow work, lucid dream work, and meditation into a career that now includes filmmaking. Lynda is the Associate Producer for the documentary film, Is Your Story Making You Sick? www.story.movie

Lynda considers her spiritual path to be one of life-long learning and is devoted to deepening her understanding of health and healing. She stays focused on her own inner work in order to be of service. Relational safety, ethics, and integrity are the guiding foundations while communing with others. Her continued studies have focused on the practices that balance the three wisdom centers of the body. Her sincere intention is to respectfully reclaim the wisdom of ancient cultures and their healing practices.

Find out more about Lynda or contact her at www.amomati.com via email at info@amomati.com or by phone at 520-981-9911.