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Dragon and Tiger Qigong

Ongoing weekly class begins October 10th, 2018. Wednesdays 6-7 p.m. at the Caritas Center 330 E 16th St $10/drop-in  –  5 classes/$40  –  10 classes for $75 Dragon and Tiger Qigong is a set of 7 relaxing and flowing movements that energize about 80% of the major acupuncture pathways in the body. This set improves

Qualities of the Heart

Ongoing weekly class meets Mondays at 7:15 p.m.  at the Caritas Center for Healing  330 E. 16th St.   By Donation This gathering focuses on the healing power of the heart and involves chanting Divine Qualities from a Sufi perspective, such as Al-Fattah (the opener) and As-Salam (the peace).  A class favorite over the last

Qi Gong Meditation

The longest-standing classes at Caritas is Monday night’s Chi Gong (Qigong) class with Oliver Wilson!  Through this practice, you will be able to activate your body’s meridian pathways, loosen your joints, cultivate internal awareness, and clear and move blocked and stagnant chi (qi). 

Events at Caritas Center for Healing

Would you like to be informed of news and upcoming classes, trainings and couples workshops? Caritas is happy to keep you abreast of our events via a newsletter (approximately once a month). All you need to do is click below!Keep Me Informed! Keep abreast of events and news at Caritas!   EGOSCUE class for better

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