Recommended Self Help Tools

Self Help

Self help is a powerful tool.

Any action you take to further support and enhance the growth you are trying to achieve in therapy will be valuable. Recent research cited by Psychotherapy Networker magazine (August 2007) shows that self help can be as effective as therapy. Because we are all unique individuals, what may be a powerful self-help tool for one may do little for another. For this reason, you may want try a variety of methods and focus on those that feel most powerful to you. Self help comes in a variety of forms (not just the proverbial “self-help book”). Below are but a few methods of self help.

Exercise/ Martial Arts
Self-Help Exercises
Nutritional Supplementation

Books and movies can facilitate our healing in a variety of ways. They portray of archetypal struggles, inspire through character action, offer us emotional release (crying or laughing), and invite us to reflect on our own and others’ experiences. Below are some favorite books and movies to inspire, teach, and entertain you.


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