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The longest-standing classes at Caritas is Monday night’s Chi Gong (Qigong) class with Oliver Wilson!  Through this practice, you will be able to activate your body’s meridian pathways, loosen your joints, cultivate internal awareness, and clear and move blocked and stagnant chi (qi).  Cost for drop-ins is $10 per class or $35 for 5 pre-paid sessions. Opening

Ongoing weekly class meets Mondays at 7:15 p.m. By Donation. We open these gatherings practicing breathing methods for awakening internal energy. The Sufi meditation explores emotions and spiritual states and includes chanting Divine Qualities such as Al-Fattah (the opener) and As-Salam (the peace), etc.  The qualities infuse us with beautiful, healing energies–helping us open to the Divine

Helen Landerman, Ph.D, teaches a 6-week Dream Group Class, which meets for two hours every Thursday from 3-5pm and welcomes new participants .  She is in the process of forming a new one that will likely meet on Sundays. Description: Tap into the wisdom and guidance of your dreams and develop your powers of intuition! 

Would you like to learn a new energetic healing modality?  Are you intrigued with sacred geometry? Merkaba Reiki is a divinely inspired ‘new’ energetic healing technique which uses the quantum physics law of entrainment, sacred geometry, divine energy, and amplified intention for positive transformation. The power of this technique utilizes the energetic manifestation power of

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