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Helen Landerman, Ph.D, teaches a 6-week Dream Group Class, which meets for two hours every Thursday from 4-6pm (with no class on Thanksgiving). Description: Tap into the wisdom and guidance of your dreams and develop your powers of intuition!  Dream Group members project onto each other’s dreams to reveal multiple layers of meaning. Helen asks

The longest-standing classes at Caritas is Monday night’s Chi Gong (Qigong) class with Oliver Wilson!  Through this practice, you will be able to activate your body’s meridian pathways, loosen your joints, cultivate internal awareness, and clear and move blocked and stagnant chi (qi).  Cost for drop-ins is $10 per class or $35 for 5 pre-paid sessions. Opening

Ongoing weekly class meets Mondays at 7:15 p.m. By Donation. We open these gatherings practicing breathing methods for awakening internal energy. The Sufi meditation explores emotions and spiritual states and includes chanting Divine Qualities such as Al-Fattah (the opener) and As-Salam (the peace), etc.  The qualities infuse us with beautiful, healing energies–helping us open to the Divine

POSTURE AND BALANCE CLASS ​Prioritize Postural Fitness…. A balanced and fully-functional musculoskeletal system is essential to vibrant health. When the “S-Curve” of the spine is compromised, each and every one of the body’s systems is compromised. Instructor Karen Jorgensen is a 13-year veteran of The Egoscue Method.  She teaches specific movements and positions that deeply

Are you a counselor, psychotherapist or psychologist who wants to have an easier, more successful and satisfying experience working with couples? Ten years ago, I had never worked with couples, or thought about it much.  Today, working with couples and presenting workshops on rejuvenating relationships is my greatest professional pleasure. I didn’t know much about

Imago couple’s therapy clinical training comes to Tucson in 2018 when master trainer Maya Kollman conducts three weekend intensives at Caritas Center for Healing: February 1-4 April 5-8 June 21-24 Maya is one of five certified master trainers in the Imago Relationship Therapy model, trained and certified by Dr. Hendrix and the Institute as a

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