RARE training with Imago therapy master trainer, Maya Kollman, in Tucson!

Are you a counselor, psychotherapist or psychologist who wants to have an easier, more successful and satisfying experience working with couples?

Ten years ago, I had never worked with couples or thought about it much.  Today, working with couples and presenting workshops on rejuvenating relationships is my greatest professional pleasure.

I didn’t know much about couples or Imago therapy, but a seasoned Imago clinician, Bonnie Brinkman, did, and she invited me to talk to her about it.  I did and read the book by Imago therapy founder, Harville Hendrix, Getting the Love You Want.  In short order, I was hooked as his theory and the antidote to ruptured relationships–conscious connection–made sense to me.  I began using some of the tools with a few couples that came my way and had remarkable success, becoming hungry for much more.

I was blessed to have been informed by Bonnie about an awesome Imago trainer, Maya Kollman.  As luck would have it, she was coming to Portland, OR (my old stomping grounds) to do a basic clinical training.  I registered for the training as soon as I could and eagerly anticipated the start date.

That was over ten years ago, and my basic clinical training as an Imago therapist remains in my mind as one of the most amazing times in my life.  Under Maya Kollman’s gentle and wise direction, I not only learned how to work with couples effectively and compassionately; I experienced great connection and healing with my colleagues in the training process.  As Maya says, “I know I’ve been a great teacher not when students bond with me, but when they bond with each other.”

Imago training truly gave me the best of both worlds–a new skill that helped me transform and expand my practice, and a group of comrades and experiences that helped me feel truly known, understood and valued.  This all was possible because of the basic philosophy of Imago that creates a training experience that mirrors what students are being taught to provide to couples–a safe, supportive learning environment in which they can truly learn new skills, new depths of insight about themselves and their partners.

Maya and Karen and Teo on her last visit to Tucson


If you would like to enhance your practice with couples or start working with them for the first time, this training could be your ticket!  To speak with someone local, call training sponsor and host, Karen Olson at 520-940-0486 or e-mail her at karen@caritashealing.com.  To get more info on the trainer, Maya Kollman, please visit mayakollman.com or call her at 609-273-5176.  You can also find out more info about Imago relationship therapy at imagointernational.org.

The dates to mark your calendar for are: January 10th – 19th, April 25th – 28th and September 19th – 22nd — all in 2019.  These trainings will all take place in Tucson, AZ, which is a rarity, since Maya’s home base is near Princeton, New Jersey!  Grab the opportunity while it’s here!



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Jan 10 2019 - Jan 19 2019


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